Flap polishing wheel

Flap polishing wheel


Flap polishing wheel

Producer: LLC Abramat.  By buyer's order, it is possible to manufacture products of other standard sizes and grit.

Application: Flap polishing wheel is used for processing polymeric materials, non-ferrous metals, varnish coatings. Fabric polishing wheels serve as a nozzle for manual and automatic tools. These wheels are effective when processing wooden surfaces. Fabric wheels made of natural cotton for polishing are reliable and durable, have a soft effect on the workpiece.

Equipment: manual air and electric tools.

Basis: cotton fabrics of various density.

Abrasive material: the abrasive properties of the wheel depend on the granularity of the polishing paste applied to the wheel.

Recomendations for use: rotation direction of the wheel is not regulated. The rotation speed V and the working revolutions N of the flap wheel must not exceed those indicated on the label. The rotation speed V should be 18-20 m / s. The force of pressing the wheel against the workpiece should be as low as possible not allowing overheating of the part, the appearance of discoloration and increased consumption of polishing paste as a result of its breakdown from the working surface of the polishing wheel.

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