About Us

Abramat Ltd. offers a wide range of grinding and polishing tools both from our own production and from leading European manufacturers, as well as Ukraine and Russia.

Grinding flap wheels, non-woven petal tools, polishers and polishing pastes are just a small list of tools that our company produces. The range of products manufactured by us is constantly expanding. There are innovative products that have not been produced in Ukraine before. For example, nonwoven abrasive flap wheels. Such wheels allow to carry out several operations in one technological transition - at processing of stainless steels to carry out cleaning of a weld and its polishing without change of the grinding tool.

For the conversion of your boldest projects, we will be able to produce a grinding tool according to your specifications.

Nonwoven abrasive grinding tools

  • Flap wheels with spindle;
  • Flap wheels;
  • Flap wheels with M14 landing thread;
  • Polishing flap shafts;
  • Nonwoven abrasive strip discs;
  • Wheels and discs with hole;
  • Quick change nonwoven abrasive nozzles with Velcro;
  • Nonwoven flat rolls

Flexible grinding tools

  • Flap wheels with spindle;
  • Flap wheels;li>
  • Flap wheels with long spot;
  • Flap wheels with M14 landing thread;
  • Strip flap discs;
  • Emery cloth;
  • Emery cloth belts;
  • Wheels and discs with hole

Polishing tools

  • Flap polishing wheels with spindle;
  • Flap polishing wheel;
  • Flap polishing wheel with long spot;
  • Flap polishing wheel with M14 landing thread;
  • Felt polishing wheel;
  • Flap felt polishing wheel;
  • Cotton polishing wheel;
  • Polishing pastes based on micropowders;
  • Polishing suspensions

Ceramic and Bakelite Grinding Tools

  • Ceramic bond abrasive wheels;
  • Bakelite bond abrasive wheels;
  • Rubber bond abrasive wheels;
  • Grinding heads with spindle;
  • Honing bricks;
  • Abrasive bricks;
  • Cutting wheels;
  • Clean-N-Strip discs