Hard polishing pastes

Hard polishing pastes


Polishing pastes, are special, solid.

Producer: Abramat, LLC.

Purpose: Polishing pastes are an abrasive tool consisting of grinding micropowders, polishing activators, additives and binders. Polishing pastes are used in manual and automated polishing operations of various materials - alloyed and carbon steels, copper, aluminum and alloys based on them, various plastics and many others. Our polishing pastes are made on the basis of chemically inert micropowders, non-toxic and not dangerous to use. Pastes are a solid, fusible, paraffin-like mass of different colors.

Polishing paste No. 1, special, based on microsulfur powders 14A (AL2O3, normal electrocorundum), gray. Designed for polishing products from structural and tool steels. It features high processing efficiency and low cost.

Polishing paste No. 2, special, on the basis of 64C micro-grinding powders (SiC, green silicon carbide), green. Designed for polishing products from stainless and hardened tool steels, chrome, nickel.

Polishing paste No. 3, special, based on a mixture of microsulfur powders 14A and 64C (AL2O3 and SiC, electrocorundum and silicon carbide green), gray-green. Designed for polishing products from stainless, tool, structural steels.

Polishing paste No. 4, special, based on micro-grinding powders 25A (AL2O3, electrocorundum white), white with yellow color. Designed for polishing products from titanium, aluminum, copper and their alloys.

Polishing paste No. 5 "Crocus", special, based on Fe2O3 (iron oxide), red-brown color. It is intended for polishing products from gold, silver and other precious and non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

Polishing paste No. 6, special, based on a mixture of micro grinding powders 25A and 64C (AL2O3 and SiC, white aluminum oxide and green silicon carbide), tinted blue. Designed for polishing stainless steel, tool steels, titanium, aluminum and copper alloys.

All pastes are made of different grains from extremely thin, thin, medium to coarse and are available in cardboard boxes weighing 80 and 750 grams.

Our pastes provide short polishing times, low consumption, consistent quality and a brilliant end result.

Equipment: depending on the type and size of the polishing wheel - manual machines with a flexible shaft, angle electric and pneumatic machines, stationary polishing machines.

Abrasive material: electrocorundum, silicon carbide

Operation features: Polishing pastes are used by applying to the working surface a fabric, felt, sisal or other polishing wheel. Before applying the paste, make sure the circle is clean. When using pastes of different grain sizes, a separate polishing wheel must be used for each paste. The paste is applied to a preheated circle. The circle is heated by friction of the working surface on the workpiece for 5-10 seconds. Parts are polished to obtain a uniform surface of the required purity. The working speed of the tool during polishing should be 18-25 m / s. Polishing at higher speeds is not recommended because of the increased paste consumption as a result of its disruption from the working surface of the wheel, as well as because of the increased likelihood of burnouts and discoloration when the part overheats.

 For manual polishing, the paste is applied to the polishing pad and the part is polished manually by circular and reciprocating movements.

Storage conditions: Polishing pastes should be stored in a package in a dry, covered, ventilated area. Storage temperature not higher than +25 C with relative humidity up to 90%. Guaranteed shelf life of no more than 12 months from the date of manufacture.

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