Combined flap wheel

Combined flap wheel


Nonwoven abrasive material and emery cloth combined flap wheel TS U 23.9-37460785-001: 2019.

Producer: LLC Abramat, Kharkov, Ukraine. By buyer's order, it is possible to manufacture products of other standard sizes and grit..

Application: abrasive combined flap wheel is used for intermediate and final surface grinding operations, for satin finishing, for creating patina on surfaces made of bronze, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials and non-metallic materials. Excellent results were shown by profiled combined wheels in intermediate and finishing operations when processing molded wood products. The grinding petal combination wheel is well profiled and is used for machining shaped surfaces. The combined petal wheel provides uniform grinding to its full wear.

Equipment: manual electro and pneumatic machines, stationary grinding machines and machine tools of the type through passage.

Basis: nonwoven grinding material, grinding skin.

Abrasive material: electrocorundum, silicon carbide, zirconium electrocorundum.

Recomendations for use: rotation direction of the circle is strictly in the direction of the arrow indicated on the label. The rotation speed V and the working revolutions N of the flap wheel must not exceed those indicated on the label. The force of pressing the circle to the workpiece should be as small as possible. The deformation (deflection) of the petals during operation should be 1 - 2 mm, depending on the outer diameter of the circle and the degree of wear.

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