Nonwoven flat rolls

Nonwoven flat rolls


Nonwoven flat rolls.

Producer: PJSC ZAK, OJSC BAZ, VSM AG. By order of the buyer, Abramat LLC manufactures rolls of non-woven abrasive material.

Application: sheets of non-woven grinding material are used for intermediate and finishing operations of grinding surfaces, for decorative processing - satin finish, creating patina on surfaces made of bronze, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and other metals and non-metallic materials. Excellent results were shown by nonwoven flat rolls in intermediate and finishing operations when processing molded wood products.

Equipment: used for manual surface treatment.

Basis: nonwoven grinding material.

Abrasive material: electrocorundum, silicon carbide, zirconium electrocorundum.

Recomendations for use: depending on the sanding sheet and the type of flexible tool made from it.

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