Fibre discs and emery cloth discs

Fibre discs and emery cloth discs


Fiber and emery cloth discs.

Producer: VSM Vereinigte Schmirgel-und Maschinen-Fabriken AG, Germany

Application: fiber disc is flexible grinding wheel with a hole, based on specially prepared cardboard - fiber, one side of which is coated with abrasive grain, fixed with synthetic resins. Fiber disks are mounted on angle grinders by means of support disks and are mainly used in metal processing. Thanks to a wide selection of grain and various versions of the support discs, fiber discs are successfully used for various works from roughing to intermediate grinding of surfaces. The advantages of fiber disks in comparison with strip flap wheels and snagging wheel are in the elasticity of the fiber base and, as a consequence, uniform grinding of the surface.

Equipment: angular manual electro and pneumatic machines.

Basis: fiber - a special kind of basis. It is obtained by treating cellulose with zinc chloride, resulting in a completely new, solid and dense product. The fiber base is not waterproof, actively absorbs moisture.

Abrasive material: electrocorundum, zirconium electrocorundum, ceramic grain.

Recomendations for use: rotation directions of the wheel is not regulated, it depends on the direction of rotation of the spindle of the grinder. The peripheral speed V and the working revolutions N of the fiber disc must not exceed those indicated on the label. The deformation (deflection) of the supporting disk depends on its design. In some cases, depending on the design of the support disk, large loads on the support disk and a large cutting force are allowed.

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