Flap wheel with long spot

Шлифовальные лепестковые круги с продольной прорезью лепестков


Flap wheel with long spot TS U 23.9-37460785-001: 2019.

Producer: LLC Abramat. By buyer's order, it is possible to manufacture products of other standard sizes and grit.

Application: abrasive flap wheel with long spot is intended for grinding of profile surfaces. Thanks to advanced performances taking place simultaneously in all kinds of performances. The result is a uniformly ground surface. When transverse grinding of uniformly feeding (for example, pipe) workpieces have a more uniform surface than when using grinding flap wheels of a direct profile. The petal wheel provides uniform grinding to its full wear.

Equipment: manual electro and pneumatic machines, stationary grinding machines.

Basis: grinding skins based on cotton fabrics, polyester, polycotone

Abrasive material: electrocorundum, nitrogen carbide, zirconium electrocorundum.

Recomendations for use: the rotation direction of the wheel - strictly in the direction of the arrow. Rotation speed V and operating revolutions must not exceed that indicated on the label. Due to the special design, the strength of the circle can be greater than that of a straight profile flap wheel. The deformation (deflection) of the petals during operation can be up to 20 mm, depending on the outer diameter of the circle, the degree of wear and profile of the surface being treated.

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