Flap wheel with profiling petals

Шлифовальные лепестковые круги профилированые


Flap wheel with profiling petals TS U 23.9-37460785-001: 2019.

Producer: LLC Abramat. Profiled grinding wheel is made to order according to your drawing of the workpiece.

Application: Flap wheel with pre-profiling petals is intended for grinding profile molded products of metals, wood, composite materials, plastics and other materials. Thanks to the preliminary wheel profiling, the time for preparing the tool and the readjustment of equipment at production facilities with high production standards of molded products is reduced. In some cases, it is possible to reduce the number of technological transitions in grinding operations. The result of using a pre-profiled flap wheel is a reduction in the cost of grinding molded products of a complex profile, compared with grinding with flap wheels of a straight profile. The petal wheel provides uniform grinding to its full wear.

Equipment: stationary multilateral grinding machines of continuous type.

Basis: grinding skins based on cotton fabrics, polyester, polycotone

Abrasive material: electrocorundum, silicon carbide, zirconium electrocorundum.

Recomendations for use: Rotation direction of the wheel- strictly in the direction indicated on the label. The rotation speed V and the working revolutions N of the flap wheel must not exceed those indicated on the label. The force of pressing the circle to the workpiece should be as small as possible. The deformation (deflection) of the petals during operation should be 1.5 - 2.5 mm, depending on the outer diameter of the circle, the degree of wear and the speed of the workpiece.

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